Some Clients’ Inquiries of Expandable Shelter in November, 2018
Some Clients’ Inquiries of Expandable Shelter in November, 2018
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Established in August, 2003, KF MOBILE SYSTEMS has developed into a prestigious enterprise and become one of the earliest enterprises engaged in developing and manufacturing varied kinds of Expandable Shelters and special vehicles in China. From portable centers to handle doctor’s facilities, KF MOBILE SYSTEMS gives medicinal shelters solutions that meet the rules and guidelines for the utilization of outside field doctor’s facilities, set by associations like the World Health Organization keeps your worker sanitation and the United Nations. KF Mobile Systems provides you with the best medical shelter solutions that are easy to transport, flexible in design, and quick to install. The remote medicinal setup is urgent when reacting to catastrophic events, common distress, or fighting. Utilizing a blend of expandable holders and texture shelters, we, at KF Mobile systems, helps you to keep your workforce comfortable and productive.


We are able to offer a wide range of functional and reliable shelters and special vehicles to meet a variety of different requirements. So we got a lot of inquiries from our potential customers every day, today we would like to share some of them with you.




Name: Allan B****

Date: 2018-11-21

Email: allan@t****

Message: We are looking for suppliers of high quality Expandable Shelter at this time. We will import from China for large quantity. Please give us more information on your Expandable Shelter products! Thanks!




Name: Olufela A****

Date: 2018-11-20

Email: Olu****

Message: Good day, we write to request a quote for your Expandable Shelter. Our company N**** Limited is a distributor of medical equipment and consumables in N****. We trust that you will give us your best prices.




Name: Kim V****

Date: 2018-11-19

Email: kimv***@A****

Message: Hello, we are interested in your Expandable Shelter, as we are going to have a military medical exercise, please quote on the available types of them. Thanks!




Name: John H****

Date: 2018-11-18

Email: johnh***@E****

Message: Thank you for the quick shipment of single-side Expandable Shelter! We are very satisfied with the quality, and we would like to order the Two-side Expandable Shelter as well from your company. Please quote on it and contact with us as soon as possible.




Name: Judson W****

Date: 2018-11-17

Email: judsonw***

Message: Hello, we need a few Expandable Shelters, the quantity is about 10. Please give us more specific details on your Expandable Shelters and quote on them. We would like to order and have them soon.




Name: Lindsey E****

Date: 2018-11-16

Email: lindseye****

Message: There is going to be a great sports meeting in our city, and we believe you will give us help on the Expandable Shelters. Please give us some suggestions and accordingly quotation on your Expandable Shelter products! Thank you!




Name: Richard M****

Date: 2018-11-16

Email: richardm****

Message: We are trying to find the better Expandable Shelter as we have just stopped business with another company for they can’t manufacture it according to our requirements. We have attached our design of Expandable Shelter, you can have a check and looking forward to your good news!


KF MOBILE SYSTEMS has been successfully verified by a lot of authoritative certifications, if you are also interested about our Expandable Shelter, and want to know more information, you can visit or contact us at


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