Great Reviews of Expandable Shelter in December 2018
Great Reviews of Expandable Shelter in December 2018
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KF MOBILE SYSTEMS is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in developing and manufacturing Expandable Shelter and special vehicles in China. We are able to offer a wide range of functional and reliable Expandable Shelter and special vehicles to meet a variety of different requirements. KF has been successfully verified by a lot of authoritative certifications such as ISO9001:2008 Certificate, GB/T24001-2004 Environment Management System Certification, GB/T28001-2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and China Compulsory Certification.


Our reliable Expandable Shelters have been not only praised by our users, but also tested in many important events like Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai EXPO, UN Peacekeeping, Sichuan Earthquake Relief, and so on. And Our Expandable Shelters have been exported to South America, Oceania, South Africa and South Asia countries. Today we would like to share some satisfied reviews from our loyal clients.




Name: Dan B***

Email: danb***

Tel: 7835****

Reviews: Thank you for you in-time shipment! We received the Expandable Shelter before the bad weather. The quality is wonderful. We install it in a few hours. It is very strong to protect us from the heavy rain.




Name: Rebecca J****


Tel: 4096****

Reviews: Expandable Shelter is huge and comfortable. We can move it to places we want to use them. It is so nice for us to have it as our patients are wide protected animals.




Name: Clarice H****

Email: clariceh****

Tel: 9235****

Reviews: It is quite heavy as we received it, but easy to install and we find the Expandable Shelter is perfectly manufactured and designed. It is just what we needed.




Name: Alyona B****

Email: alyonab****

Tel: 5716****

Reviews: We are glad that we bought these Expandable Shelters for we are going to have a winter sports carnival. It is cold outside, these shelters can play a good role at this time.




Name: Nicole S****

Email: nicoles****

Tel: 2520****

Reviews: Great value for these Expandable Shelters! We need them when we have to go out to collect some data based on our equipments. And they can be moved to other places as well.




Name: Clair T****


Tel: 8823****

Reviews: It is not easy to build a house on the hill, so we ordered this Expandable Shelter. It can have the function just like a house and even better. I love this kind of Expandable Shelter. Thanks!



If you are in need of Expandable Shelter, you should have a look at our Expandable Shelters, and you can find more information with




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